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The EU is the most generous donor in the world. EU Aid Explorer gives you easy access to complete and accurate data on donor activity around the world.
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EU  Institutions provided
of development aid in 2012
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Chart of slide number 1: EU Institutions provided $ 13.91bn of development aid in 2012
Dear EU Aid Explorer User,

"The EU is collectively the biggest donor in the world, providing over 50 billion euros a year to help the people most in need on our planet to overcome poverty and advance global development.
EU Aid Explorer is a unique tool showing what we fund and where, with easy searches providing many different details. EU Aid Explorer is a one-stop shop for aid information – facilitating donor coordination, ensuring transparency and improving accountability to citizens in the EU and developing countries."
"The European Union is the world's primary donor of aid. With size comes responsibility and the EU takes seriously its duties towards its citizens, who make possible this remarkable expression of solidarity with the world's neediest and most vulnerable people. Making information simple and fast to access on how and for what purposes EU aid funding is spent enhances global cooperation among our peers in the donor community. But it's even more important that the EU Aid Explorer will enable us to fulfil our commitment to transparency. It is our guarantee that we are accountable to all the EU taxpayers who make this generosity possible."

Andris Piebalgs
EU Commissioner for Development

Kristalina Georgieva
EU Commissioner for International Cooperation Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response